Third Church is a family of faith continually renewed by the gospel to love God, each other, our neighbors, and the world. Love Renews.


9:30 AM

Hospitality: In giving His Son God revealed His deep desire to welcome everyone into His family. We reflect that deep welcome by opening ourselves to others and inviting them into our lives.

Service: In the washing of the disciples’ feet, Jesus called us to a life of humble service. We live out that service by being the hands and feet of Jesus and bringing ministries of mercy to others.


Evangelism: “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom. 5:8) We share this good news of God’s redeeming love found only in Jesus with each other, our neighbors, and the world. 

Fellowship: Through Jesus’ sacrifice and the work of the Holy Spirit, God brought us into deep and restorative fellowship with himself, and this fellowship is greatly experienced within the family of God. We enjoy deep and restorative fellowship and community with God when we gather together as a family of faith. 

Culturally Engaged: Throughout His word God reveals the ways he attends to all times and places with the good news of the gospel. We seek to attend to and understand today’s time and context so that we can better share the good news of the gospel with a hurting world.


Vulnerability: Through His incarnation and crucifixion Jesus knows all of who we are and took all our shame and guilt away, which frees us to expose and confess all of who we are to Him and to each other.


We believe that God invites us to worship, brings us together, grows us through the teaching of His Word, and calls us to respond.  This is reflected in our rhythms of worship.


Worship is:

  1. Directed to God for His glory: All of worship focuses on God and seeks His glory above all and in all things.

  2. Gospel-Centered: We can worship God because of the cleansing power of His love and forgiveness shown in Jesus. We enter worship in light of that power and further experience the reality of that power within the service. 

  3. Dialogical and Discipling: the rhythms of worship (invitation to worship, response of praise, confession, assurance, greeting, preaching, giving…) present a dialogue between God and His people in which God disciples/forms His people more and more into His likeness.

  4. Authentic Testimony:  Worship involves telling honest stories of our sin and feelings of estrangement from God, and God’s restorative response of love, grace, and forgiveness in our lives.

  5. An Experience of the Divine: In worship we experience the warmth and welcoming presence of the triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thus, we can say with delight “Surely God is in this place!” 


Drawn from Psalm 22, 60, 95, 103, 146, & Isaiah 6


Our worship service starts at 9:30am and typically lasts an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.


The service will be live streamed for home worship.


Face masks/coverings are required, and we ask that everyone maintain social distancing. If you do not come with a face covering one will be provided for you.


Hand sanitizer will be available in multiple locations, and bathrooms will be accessible for hand washing.


Before you come, please check your temperature. If you have a fever, feel sick, or display any symptoms of COVID-19 stay home.


When you get to church, please use one of the three main double doors, or handicap ramp door. These doors will be propped open for contactless entry and airflow. All other doors will be locked.


Please refrain from handshakes/hugs, and try not congregate in the building or near doorways. When you enter the building please sign-in and proceed to a seat in the sanctuary.


Every other pew will be roped off to maintain social distancing. Sit anywhere in the open pews and try to keep six feet of distance between households. Children & Worship will be offered. Children will be excused during the service.  

The nursery will be available for parents to utilize, sanitizing wipes will be provided for self-cleaning.

There will be offering bags at the entryways for your offering, or you can continue to mail in your check or give online.


All information for the service will be emailed and projected on the screen.


The upstairs bathrooms will be available. Disinfecting wipes will be available in the bathrooms, please wipe down any surface you touch.


After the service, please promptly exit the building and feel free to fellowship outside away from doorways, walkways, and other high traffic areas.


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